Wind Capital of the West

As home to the World’s Largest Concentration of Wind Farms, Tehachapi has been an innovative leader for over 35 years helping companies Power Up the industry and those they serve. The perfect place for manufacturing, testing, training and supplying the wind energy industry, we’re ready to show you how to grow your business in Tehachapi.

Tehachapi-Mojave Wind Resource Area

The Tehachapi Mountain Range is home to one of the world’s largest producers of wind-generated electricity. Several energy companies have projects located in the region. The most notable being: Terra-Gen Power, LLC., AES, NextEra Energy, Brookfield Renewable, EDF and Iberdrola among others.

The Tehachapi-Mojave Wind Resource Area is located in Kern County, California, a county known for it’s business friendly practices, agricultural and energy production, including wind, oil and solar. The resource area borders the Greater Antelope Valley, located in Los Angeles County. These communities have an established manufacturing base and are ideal locations for companies serving the renewable energy industries. GE has a manufacturing facility in Tehachapi, building nacelles and other components. Airstreams Renewable is located in Tehachapi. They are an accredited education facility training and equipping wind and solar technicians to go out into the workforce.

Stories of Success

The Wind Industry of the World needs support from service providers. And if you're going to compare locations, Tehachapi and Kern County should be on the top of your short list. As home to the largest wind resource are in the Western United States and within a wind development friendly county, Tehachapi is an ideal place to test, service and support the industry. Take a look at these success stories and then get in touch so we can help you start your own!

Fast Success at Fastenal

Jeff Peal, Manager at Fastenal has enjoyed the supportive atmosphere of Tehachapi. Not only did the business get off to a strong start with ribbon cuttings and open houses planned by City staff but the permit process was straight-forward and easy as well. As a result, Fastenal has quickly grown to be a success by providing quality products and great customer service to the wind energy companies located here. And while that market makes up 50% of their business, it is heavily supplemented by the Mojave Air & Spaceport located just 20 minutes away.

A Long Heritage Writes a New Chapter

Success in Tehachapi is not just for new-comers. Take Buddy and Nikki Cummings for example. With roots in Tehachapi for over 150 years, this family of early settlers have become pioneers again. Having started World Wind Services (WWS) in San Diego in 2007, this innovative company moved back to its roots to better serve it’s West Coast clients.

WWS has wired, operated and maintained thousands of MW’s across the country and seen new potential in new markets. They added a solar division, managed by VP of Operations, Harvey Stephens, making WWS now World Wind & Solar. For them, Tehachapi has opened opportunities with an established work force keeping strong ties in the renewable energy market.

Will You Be Next?

If you’re in Wind Energy, you need to be in Tehachapi. From Servicing, Manufacturing and Supplying, we can help connect your business to one of the largest markets. Download the printable version of this information (in PDF format) and then complete the Get In Touch form below. We'd love to help you Power Up your Business in Tehachapi!

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