A Growing Legacy

Greater Tehachapi is abundant with thriving agribusiness. For more than 100 years, the area has been home to farming and ranching families, attesting to the fact that our agricultural roots run deep. Today, large-scale, organic farming enterprises and family-owned, local ventures share the landscape. The region yields impressive wines, quality grass-fed beef and farm-fresh produce.

Tehachapi’s four seasons provides a unique growing climate including warm summer days, precious spring rains, and occasional winter snowfall. Mix in the afternoon breeze, and you have a natural formula for success.

Currently, the region boasts a combination of planted fields and greenhouses - totaling several thousand acres in production. With apples, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, carrots and grapes as a part of the area’s offerings, all operations are mindful of natural resources and employ sustainable farming practices. The investments made, from both small and large-scale operations, are sure to create a legacy for future generations.

Partnering with Tehachapi- area agribusiness, is a tourism component by means of local vineyards with Wine Tasting Rooms, Bed-and-Breakfast establishments, Produce Barns and a charming Vineyard Event Center. The successful partnerships are value-added elements for the area’s successful quality of life.

The continued economic growth of the region, netting millions of dollars annually, is proof positive that Tehachapi’s agribusinesses share an unconditional commitment to quality, strong fiscal stewardship and evident responsiveness to consumer demand.  Tehachapi Agribusiness is the area’s growing legacy.

Get Involved

Join us for an upcoming meeting and learn more about agribusiness in the Tehachapi Area. They are open to the public and interested businesses and individuals and can be a great opportunity to network in your field and/or contribute to our efforts.

Monthly Meeting Schedules

1st Wed • 7:30am Monthly EDC Meeting Slice of Life Enrichment School ~ 48771 W Valley Blvd
3rd Thur • 12:00pm Monthly Tourism Meeting Tehachapi Police Dept. ~ 220 W C Street